🔰First steps

Players will start on Dark Apostole Lab at level 1. It is a prologue that will take you around 10 minutes.

First of all, I recommend that you press ESC and then search the menu for Settings.

Move to the Game window and do the following changes:

  • Camera Effects Intensity = 1

  • Camera Vibration Intensity = 1

  • Radial Blur Intensity = 1

  • Screen shake when using skills = disabled

After completing the prologue you will appear in Harth, also known as openworld. Once you complete one of the first quests you will receive this reward:

Rubies are the currency used in the Ruby Shop, it can be obtained through donations and also while doing in-game activities. You should use these rubies to buy the Elyon Adventure Starter Package, which will contain many useful items including a 500% Rates Potion.

To do it press ESC to open the menu and head to the Ruby Shop > Package tab.

After you buy any item in the Ruby Shop, you have to press ESC and look for the Gift Box.

The 500% Rates Potion will increase your Combat EXP, Mana EXP, Gold and Item Drop Rate for 100 days. If it runs out or if you want to play on a different character, you can another one for a symbolic price of 100 rubies in the Ruby Shop > Benefit tab.

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