🏆Judge's Gear

Judge Gear is a special set that is meant to be the endgame in terms of gear progression.

This kind of equipment follows different rules compared to all the other gear sets.

How to obtain:

This gear is crafted using rare materials that drop from Bosses:

In order to obtain the Judge's Gear, you must combine the materials using the Item Fusion function.

Then go to any Foothold and look for the Advanced Blacksmith NPC.

How to enhance:

Enhancing Judge's Gear is so easy, once you have it simply buy 4 Judge's Enhance Stones.

Each stone will raise the level of your Gear Piece by 3 levels and its a 100% chance to success.

Warning: There is a glitch where if you apply any enchants to your Judge's Gear before enhancing it +12 its base stats will not be increased by 1.5 or 2 times.

Base Stats

The stats of this gear are custom, they have been increased but it can't be seen client-side.

  • Physical DEF values are 2 times higher

  • Magical DEF values are 2 times higher

  • Vitality values are 2 times higher

  • Strength / Agility / Intelligence values are 2 times higher

  • Min / Max Attack values are 1.5 times higher

Random Effects

Judge's Gear has fixed Random Effects so you will not need to reroll them.

Special Effects

In the same way the Legendary Gear offers several effects upon reaching a specific enhancement level, every Judge's Gear offers an exclusive special effect.

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