Dragon Garden

Items Obtained

Dragon Garden is the best place to obtain Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stones.

Boss Mechanic:

In order to summon the Evil Dragon Kartaz you have to kill monsters inside the portal.

Usually a single player can do it within 10 to 20 minutes, but it is recommended to team up with other players from your Clan or Realm.

Once enough monsters have been killed, the following message will appear:

Look at your map and there will be a yellow mark where the boss will spawn.

After a few minutes, the yellow icon will turn into a red icon and the boss will appear.

You will not be able to kill him so easily, the boss will escape 3 times and you will have to chase him all over the Dragon Garden.

Boss Rewards:

  • 500 rubies for everyone.

  • 1000 rubies (X5) splitted randomly among everyone who participated.

  • Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stones

  • 300 Honor Points

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