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Server Features

  • 600% Rates (Combat EXP, Mana EXP, Item Drop Rate and Gold)

  • Free ways of obtaining Rubies (Bosses, Daily Quests, Attendance Rewards, PvP Arenas)

  • 9 Classes (Soulbringer, Paladin, Archer, Slayer, Gunner, Assassin, Elementalist, Mystic & Warlord)

  • Reworked Gear System (equipment does not drop / break upon failing, failstack system added)


iElyon is owned by a small company and is mostly ran by volunteers in their spare time.

We are also very limited in terms of what can be implement into the game on a technical level.

The game client is encrypted and that prevents us from implementing certain changes, so do not get the impression that your feedback is not taken into account, simply sometimes it is out of our reach.

That being said, we have already made many tweaks to the game that heavily improved the gear progression and revived game content that was unused. But another issue that comes with the client being encrypted is that some of the changes we implement cannot be seen client-sise, this is why this wiki can be very helpful for any new player.

Due to the mentioned above, reading this wiki is highly adviced to understand the game.

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