Constellations are a layer of stat customization deeply related to luminous.

To open the Constellation menu, press <ESC> and find Character > Constellation Collection.

General Concepts:

  • There are 5 different Constellations that can be unlocked using gold.

  • Registering a luminous in a constellation costs gold, the amount depends of the Luminous Grade.

  • Upon registering a Luminous, you will unlock an amount of nodes equal to the Luminous Grade.

  • Once you have registed a luminous in a constellation, you will not be able to remove that luminous witout resetting the entire constellation.

  • The effects given by the constellations are random, so you will need to reset them many times in order to get the desired stats. The price of resetting a constellation raises everytime you reset it.

What effects can I receive:

  • Constellation Completion Effect: - When you complete a constellation, you will receive a guaranted fixed stat. - More info in the specifc constellation subpages.

  • Normal Activation Effects: - Everytime you register a Luminous, you will receive some basic stats. - Each constellation provides different stats. - There is a limit of different stats you can receive (3 or 4 based on the constellation). This means that if you dont get your desired stats upon listing the first 1-2 Luminous, you might want to reset.

  • Blessed Activation Effects: - Everytime you register a Luminous, there is a chance to trigger a blessed effect instead of a normal one. Blessed Luminous have a higher chance of triggering this effect when registered. - Blessed effects provide the same stats as the normal ones but usually 3 times better.

  • Additional stats for completing a Constellation within a specific amount of Luminous: - In every constellation there will be 3 extra effects that can be obtained. - They are usually called Purple, Blue and Green stats. - To get them you mainly need to use Grade 5 or Grade 4 Luminous to complete a constellation. - These stats are not fixed, so you will obtain one among a few possible options. - Learn more in the specifc constellation subpages.

  • Rune Attribute Points: - Upon completing a constellation using Grade 4 or higher Luminous, you will receive an Attribute Point of the same color as the registered luminous.

Tips for new players:

Constellation Collection is a really complex system that you should not stress about when you start playing, we could say this is the real endgame of Elyon.

This is a logical progression that a new player could follow:

  • Start completing every Constellation with Grade 2 or 3 Luminous as soon as possible, this way you will receive some free stats which will be useful early on. Completing Virgo (+25 accuracy) and Leo (+10 skill attribute points) should be your priority.

  • The next step would be completing all the constellations with Grade 4 Luminous, so you can already receive every Green some Blue stats. At this point do not aim to get perfect stats, simply aim to get +10% critical hit resistance in your green stats in most constellations. This will be a huge improvement to your pvp performance.

  • Once you manage to get at least 4-6 (depending on the Constellation) Grade 5 Luminous, put them all together in the same constellation. If you only use Grade 5 Luminous you will be able to receive every stat, including Purple. At this point it would make sense to spend money to reset the constellation until you get "perfect" stats based on your preference.

  • The following step would be to repeat this process with each Constellation. Save a lot of Gears / Rubies, get 4-6 new Grade 5 Luminous and complete another one.

  • The very last step, which does not give a huge boost but is way harder would be to obtain Grade 5 Blessed Luminous instead of normal Grade 5 Luminous and repeat this process. The only advantage of this is a better chance of triggering Blessed Activation Effects.

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