❓Frequent Asked Questions

How do I level up?

First of all, make sure that you are using a 500% Potion. More info can be found here.

These are the best grinding spots to level up:

How do I enhance my gear?

You will maninly need 2 things:

  • Rubies. To buy Enhancement Materials.

  • Gathering Materials. To level up Alchemy and craft Mana Control Stones

How do I get Rubies?

There are many different ways to obtain free rubies:

To open the Attendance menu, press <ESC> and find Rewards > Attendance.

How do I get Gathering Materials?

There are many different ways of getting gathering materials:

  • Daily Quests. Killing the monsters needed to complete the quests will drop Herbs, Ore Fragments and Sliced Fish.

  • Nousgard. The monsters of this portal drop Fresh Herbs and Herbs.

  • Sandstorm. The monsters of this portal drop High-Purity Ores and Ore Fragments.

  • Secret Sea. The monsters of this portal drop Sliced Fish

  • Mana Breath Bosses. They drop High-Purity Ores, Fresh Herbs and Sliced Fish.

  • Life skills: Herb Gathering. The classic way of getting Herbs and Fresh Herbs.

  • Life skills: Mining. The classic way of getting Ore Fragments and High-Purity Ores.

  • Life skills: Fishing. The classic way of getting Sliced Fish.

  • Housing. You can plant herb seeds / ore mines to get High-Purity Ores or Fesh Herbs.

How do I get Control Mana Stones?

The easier way is crafting them using Alchemy. You will need the herbs, ores and fish.

You can team up with your Clan or Realm to defeat the Bosses of Shrine of Greed.

Completing the Premium Elyon Pass. It is monthly season pass with lots of good rewards.

You can learn more about the Elyon Pass and all its rewards here.

How do I get Skill Attribute Points?

Check the Skills section of the wiki.

How do I get more Accuracy?

Upgrade and equip the free Transcendent Rune that you receive during the story quest.

Upgrade your runestones. Check the Runestones section of the wiki.

Lastly, you can complete your Constellation Collection to get extra accuracy.

Where should I farm Gold?

These are the best ways to obtain Gold in the game:

Why can't I send Gifts?

The Gift System has been disabled to prevent abuses. If you try to gift something, it will end up in your own Gift Box.

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