Exile's Island

Items Obtained

  • Used to add enchantments to your equipment.

  • Used to add enchantments to your accesories.

  • Used to craft higher tier Moonlight Magic Stones.

  • Used to enhance Artifacts.

  • Used in the Ruby Shop. (Boss Reward)

  • Main currency.

Exile's Island is one of the best solo spots in the game to farm Gold.

Portal Mechanic:

There are 13 small villages, usually with a red key icon on top of them. The key number in each village represents the amount of remaining keys.

Killing monsters near a village might drop a Key that will trigger a quest.

Interact with the Key to start a Quest, then a timer will start and you must go to the Village.

Upon entering the marked Village, interact with the Investigation Point.

Kill the summoned Monster to complete the quest.

Quest Rewards:

  • Isle Essence Box

  • 100 Honor Points

Boss Mechanic:

There are a total of 10 black keys available, you have a chance of dropping them killing any monster inside the portal. If you obtain one you will be able to fight Mardut (Boss).

Half an hour after the Exile's Island has opened, a portal will be created for those who managed to get a Key. Be prapared at the spot shown in the image.

Interact with the teleportation devide to fight Mardut.

Defeat Madut to obtain useful rewards.

Boss Rewards:

  • 500 rubies for everyone who participated.

  • 1000 rubies (X5) splitted randomly among everyone who participated.

  • 300 Honor Points.

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