🌀Mana Awakening

Mana awakening is a layer of stats customization related to Dimensional Portals.

You can open the Mana Awakening menu pressing the key <H>.

General concepts about Mana Awakening:

  • You will unlock it during the main story quest line.

  • There are Mana Seasons, which last around 2 months.

  • Once a season ends, you will receive rewards according to your previous season mana level.

  • You can level up your mana killing monsters inside Dimensional Portals as well as using EXP vouchers that you will receive when completing certain quests.

  • All your characters will share the same mana awakening experience.

Where should I level up Mana Awakening:

  • Almost every weekly dimensional portal works, but Frozen City party grinding is probably the most efficient. Exile Island and Wraith Monastery are decent alternatives if you play alone.

  • Secret Sea is another really good spot to level up your mana awakening.

  • If you are not in a hurry, Palace of Opportunity is a slow but steady way to level it while being AFK.

What Imprints should be my priority:

While there are infinite options of builds, here are some guidelines for a new player:

  • Most classes use the Preparation (Blue) Ultimate Imprint.

  • Key imprints such as Precise, Cycle and Masterful Strike / Masteful Magic (based on your class) can be a good starting point for grinding.

  • The Trascendant Imprint Magic Agregation will help you not to run out of energy.

  • The Basic Imprints Main Stats, Acceleration and Max Attack are good options for grinding.

  • Some classes like archer might also take advantage of the Basic Imprint - Stamina Recovery.

For more advanced builds, there is a general rule to find out if your build makes sense. If there are too many points invested in Basic Imprints while your other Key and Transcendant Imprints are not even maxed, most likely something is wrong.

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