Wraith Monastery

Items Obtained

  • Provide unique stats to your Character.

  • Used to upgrade Transc. Runestones.

  • Used to polish Transc. Runestones.

  • Used to get a random Belt Box.

  • Used to enhance your Artifacts.

  • Used in the Ruby Shop. (Boss Reward)

Wraith Monastery is the best place to obtain Transcedent Rune Stones.

Portal Mechanics:

  • You turn into a demon upon entering Wraith Monastery, others will not be able to see your name and you will be hostile towards everyone, including your own Clan members.

  • The map is divided in 4 Floors, in order to access the following floor you must find a key.

  • Once you pick a key, a buff (timer) will be applied to your Character:

Boss Mechanic:

Once you reach the last floor, you have to look for a Door. Only 3 will appear at a time.

Interact with a Door to figh the Nameless Knight Captain.

Boss Rewards:

  • 1000 Rubies

  • Random lvl 2 Transcendant Runestone

  • Transcendant Balance Rune Powder

  • Transcendant Balance Rune Upgrade Power

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