Normal Pets

Normal pets can learn the following skills:

Pet Skills Breakdown

Skill NameFunctionPriority

Foraging Mastery Increase

This skill increases the amount of experience you obtain while gathering. This becomes useless once you reach lvl 100 in a specific gathering skill and it should take you just a few minutes anyways.

Foraging Speed Increase

This skill reduces the time needed to perform gathering, it is not game changing but it is a better option compared to the previous one. Keep in mind pets can only learn 1 skill from Group A.

Nibbling Cooldown Decrease

This skill reduces the time window since you start fishing and a fish nibbles. It is specially useful if you plan to do active fishing.

Auto-Fishing Time Decrease

This skill decreases the time window since the game detects that you are AFK and automatically catches the fish. It is specially useful if you plan to do passive fishing.

Auto collects Foregeable Items

This skill allows your pet to automatically gather herbs, rocks or trees if you have enough AP. Specially useful for passive gathering and housing gathering portals.

Equipment Durability Reduction Decrease

This skill allows you to repair your equipment less often, turning into a great convenient skill to have.

AP Recovery Speed Increase

This skill sighly increases the speed at which you regeneate AP points, in general lines it is not really noticiable unless you plan to do passive gathering overnight.

Shop Purchases Price Discount

This skill sighly lowers the price of items from the General Goods Merchant. Even if it might sound good, it is not really noticiable as you will almost never buy these items.

Normal Pet skills should not be your priority as these are not as good as the Premium ones.

  • You can reroll a skill using a Pet Skill Change Ticket.

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