🎲Leveling Tips

This section includes tips and information that will make your progression optimal.

If you still do not know what 500% Rate Potion is, make sure to read: First Steps.

Once you completed the Prologue and activated your 500% Rate Potion its time to start questing.


Quest TypeTips
  • Complete every [Story], [Region Unlock], [Portal Unlock] and [Growth Support] quest that you find.

  • Doing [Guide] quests is recommended but some are not needed.

  • You can ignore this kind of quest until you reach the first Foothold.

  • After that point you want to do most of them as they will unlock [Growth Support] quests and [Daily] quests.

  • Only do the Daily Quests that give you Rubies. More info here.

Sometimes you will not have the right level to unlock the next Main Quest, you can choose to do Secondary Quests or simply kill some monsters.

Your first goal will be to reach lvl 43 and complete the main story questline until you finish a quest called [Story] To the Battlefield. After that, make sure to do the secondary quests of the Steel Highland / Colossus Plains Area.

Getting Rubies

At this point you will unlock your daily quests, do them to get 1200 rubies.

Remember to claim your attendance rewards to get 2.000 rubies everyday. Press ESC and look for Reward > Attendance.

The Legendary Equipment Random Effect-Changers and Locks are a really valuable item.

  • For now you should keep them until you have right equipment to use it.

Use the rubies to buy a Star Blessing (30 Days). It will give you some useful passives.

Growth Support Quests

The next step would be to complete all the Growth Support Quests and unlock the Purple Skill Attributes that you need to optimize your grinding speed.

A detailed guide can be found in the Skills section of this wiki.

Legendary Gear Boxes

Now you should aim to reach lvl 45 in order to be able to open the Legendary Gear Boxes.

There is a lot of theorycrafting behind the following recommendation, but as a new player you might not want get into that for now. So just get the following items:

  • Sharp Helmet

  • Sharp Gloves

  • Sharp Shoes

  • Rapid Bottoms

  • Rapid Top

  • Rapid Main Weapon

  • Rapid Secondary Weapon

Enhancing your Gear (0 to +20)

At this stage the only thing you will need are rubies, use them to buy this pack in the Ruby Shop.

Getting more Rubies: Alts

Now can consider creating alt characters and using them to do extra daily quests.

You should choose "Starting from my house" to start at lvl 36 and have a faster progression.

You can get up to 9 character slots buying them for rubies in the Ruby Shop.

Getting more Rubies: Portals

You can also start doing solo weekly dimensional portals such as Exile's Island or Wraith Monastery.

Dragon Garden and Chaos Fortress are also a good source of rubies if you have a group.

Start working on your runestones

Runestones will provide you Skill Attribute Points and Rune Attribute Points.

The best ways to obtain runestones are:

Rune can be upgraded using rune powder, for now aim to have full Grade 4 Runestones.

The best ways to obtain rune powder are:

Enchanting your Gear (+20 to +30)

At this stage you will need both rubies and gathering materials.

The best ways to get gathering materials with your current gear are:

  • Killing monsters while doing daily quests (Herbs, Ores and Fish)

  • Daily Dimensional Portal: Nousgard (Herbs)

  • Daily Dimensional Portal: Sandstorm (Ores)

  • Daily Portal lvl +48: Secret Sea (Fish)

  • Life Skills: herb gathering, mining and fishing

You will also need to level up your Alchemy, in order to craft Mana Control Stones I

Once you have the gathering materials, go to your House to start to level up Alchemy.

Once you have full +30, start investing time in other ways of increasing your character strength such as: Runestones, Transcendant Runestones, Accesories and Artifacts.

Getting a Vacuum Pet

At his point you should try to get a premium pet of Grade 4 (ideally Grade 5) and look for the skill Magnetic Collection, this will heavily increase your grinding efficiency.

Learn everything about pets and pet skills here.

Enchanting your Gear (+30 to +50)

After +30 the progression slows down, the chance of enchanting success will become lower and you will need Mana Control Stones II and Mana Control Stones III, which are harder to obtain.

You will also need large amounts of Fish and Herbs or Logs to level up Alchemy.

The best ways to get gathering materials at this stage are:

What to do if you are AFK?

This game offers you many ways of progressing while being AFK.

In general lines, everytime you are not actively playing you should be doing any of the following activies to be efficient.

Things you should do (Daily)

There is a lot of timegated content in Elyon, in the case of daily stuff it resets everyday at 01:00 CET.

Recommended daily activities to do:

Things you should do (Weekly)

The following content gets reset every Thursday at 01:00 CET.

Recommended weekly activities to do:

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