Individual Daily Portal

Individual Daily Portals offer singleplayer instanced AFK content that is meant to be done overnight.

These portals are the best thing to do when you are AFK for extended periods of time, as the game offers a built-in bot that will allow you to use the auto-combat function inside them.

  • This kind of portal can be access up to 8 hours per character everyday.

  • The different characters of an account do not share the same timer.

  • These portals have no specific entry timers, meaning they are open all day long.

  • The daily time limit can be extended buying Palace of Opportunity Package, in the Gear Shop.

Auto-Combat System

To open the Auto-Combat menu, press <ESC> and find Combat > Battle Assist.

Changing these options is highly advised the first time you use the Battle Assist function.

  • Equipment Auto-Repair Settings: OFF -> ON

  • Combat Target Search Range: 30m -> 50m

Based on your needs, you might also want to automatically use HP Potions.

When using the Combat Assist, some skills might get yourself glitched causing you to die. Use the least amount of skills possible, it will make things easier.

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