Forest of Ensnarement

This portal offers a reliable active way of farming Rune Powder.

This portal offers different difficulties, the main difference is be the accuracy needed to hit.

Items Obtained

  • Contains 40-50 Rune Powder.

  • Can be placed at your house to obtain a 70 Vitality buff for 30 minutes.

  • Can be placed at your house to obtain a 30 Accuracy buff for 30 minutes.

  • Used to summon Shattria. (Boss)

  • Provides a Safe Enhancement Tool and a random level 4-5 Rune. (Boss Reward)

Grinding Spots:

  • The Mountain

  • The River

Interact with the Altar in order to summon monsters and start grinding.


Once a day, you can use a Sealed Shattria Soul to summon Shattria.

Boss Rewards:

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