Frozen City

Items Obtained


Starlight Magic Stones

  • Used to add a second enchantment to your equipment.

  • Used to add an advanced enchantment to your equipment. (Boss Reward)

  • Main Currency.

Frozen City is considered one of the best spots to farm Gold and Mana EXP in the entire game. A 3 man party is recommended for optimal grinding.

Grind Spots:

  • Mutated Machine Panthers (SOLO)

Minimum Gear: Legendary +20 | Recommended Gear: Legendary +30

  • Invader Machine Warriors (GROUP)

Minimum Gear: Legendary +30 | Recommended Gear: Legendary +40

In the RvR Area, the gold is not divided for up to 3 players if you grind in the same party.

Portal Mechanic:

  • The RvR zone is divided in 4 spots, each one has a Monument in the center.

  • If one Realm activates all 4 monuments, the entire realm will obtain an EXP Buff.

This mechanic is currently not worth doing due to our 600% base EXP, ignore it for now.


  • There are 4 Bosses, one in each corner of the RvR Zone.

Teaming up with other members of your Clan or Realm is advised as they are fairly strong.

Boss Rewards

Guaranteed loot for everyone who participates:

  • 100-200 [Account] Brilliant Enhancement Agent

  • 20-40 [Account] Brilliant Enhancement Element

  • 5-10 Legendary Enhancement Rate Aid II

  • 1 Safe Enhancement Tool

  • 100.000 Gold Bag

  • 300 Honor Points

Randomly split among everyone who participates:

  • (3 packs) 7 Green Starlight Magic Stones

  • (3 packs) 5 Blue Starlight Magic Stones

  • (3 packs) 3 Purple Starlight Magic Stones

  • (3 packs) 1 Golden Starlight Magic Stones

  • 1 Concentrated Magic Stone

  • Wingsuit Upgrading Materials (20% chance)

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