Abandoned Underground

Items Obtained

  • Used to craft Judge Gear. (Only drops from Bosses)

  • Provides additional stats to your Character. (Drops from Bosses and Mobs, some are boss exclusive. Ex: Berserker Ring)

  • Used to upgrade your Accesories. (Only drops from Mobs)

  • Used to upgrade your Artifacts. (Only drops from Mobs)

Abandoned Underground is the best place to obtain Accesories and Accesory upgrade materials. It is also a high-end spot to farm Judge Gear materials.

Portal Mechanics:

  • The map is dividid in 9 different rooms, each one have 1 Relic in the middle.

  • Once a player interacts with a Relic, the icon in the map will change its color and all the players of his Realm will receive a Drop Rate buff while killing monsters in that room.

If you just want to obtain accesory upgrade materials, grinding mobs is your best option. Most likely you will need to create a rotation of 2 or 3 different rooms to be efficient.

Boss Mechanic:

  • There is a petrified Boss in each one of the 8 outer rooms.

  • In order to awake the bosses the same Realm must claim the Relics in a vertical and horizontal line.

They are tanky, so teaming up with other players from your Clan or Realm is recommended.

Boss Rewards:

  • 3 Random Judge Gear Materials

  • Blue and Purple Grade Accesories

Final Boss Mechanic:

Once all the bosses of the 8 outer rooms have been killed, a 5 minute countdown will start.

After the countdown is over, Erabon the appear in the center of the map.

Final Boss Rewards:

  • 5 Random Judge Gear Materials

  • Blue and Purple Grade Accesories

  • 300 Honor Points

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