Sacredwood Temple

Items Obtained

  • Provides minor improvements to your skills.

  • Used to unlock a Soul Stone slot from Soul Stone Artisans.

  • Used to get a random Belt Box.

Sacredwood Temple is the best place to obtain over level 2 Soul Stone Chests.

Portal Mechanic:

  • The map is divided in platforms, each one will display a Key with a number in the middle.

  • That key represents the remaining amount of keys that can be dropped in each platform.

Upon killing monsters, there is a chance to drop a Sacredwood Flower (Key).

  • Once you pick it, you will receive the following buff, which allows you to enter the RvR zone.

Now just walk to one of the Gates displayed in the map, then interact with it.

Boss Mechanic:

Before the Boss appers both realms should try to activate and defend the Control Devices located in the RvR Area. It will prevent the enemy realm from attacking the Boss.

  • The boss will always spawn 30 minutes after the portal opens.

  • He is peaceful so he will simply walk all over the RvR zone while you attack him.

Boss Rewards

Guaranteed loot for everyone who participates:

  • 100-200 [Account] Brilliant Enhancement Agent

  • 20-40 [Account] Brilliant Enhancement Element

  • 5-10 Legendary Enhancement Rate Aid II

  • 1 Safe Enhancement Tool

  • 100.000 Gold Bag

  • 300 Honor Points

Randomly split among everyone who participates:

  • (4 packs) Level 1 Soul Stone Chest

  • (3 packs) Level 2 Soul Stone Chest

  • (2 packs) Level 3 Soul Stone Chest

  • Level 4 Soul Stone Chest (75% chance) or Level 5 Soul Stone Chest (25% chance)

  • (3 packs) 1 Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stone

  • Wingsuit Upgrading Materials (20% chance)

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