đŸ‘ŊJudgement Colossus

Judgement Colossus are massive bosses that appear in the Conflict Channel.

Items Obtained

  • Used to craft Judge Gear.

  • Used to unlock Skill Attributes.

  • Used to reroll Random Effects of Legendar Gear.

3 Judgement Bosses spawn randomly in 3 of the 5 RvR Areas of the Conflict Channel.

Once they are all dead, a random respawn time of around 6-8 hours starts.

Judgement Colossus are the main Openworld Event, which only happens in the Conflict Ch.

  • Learn to how swap between channels here.

Boss Rewards

  • Random Judge Materials (X5)

  • Random Purple Skill Attributes

  • Legendary Random Effect-Changer and Locks

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