🎁Hall Of Challenges

Hall of Challanges is a weekly Transcendant Dungeon with really good rewards.

To enter, open the Dungeons menu, press <ESC> and find Battle > Dungeon.

Items Obtained

  • Used to add enchantments to your equipment.

  • Used to get a random lvl 1-3 runestone.

  • Used to choose a lvl 2 transcendent runestone.

  • Used to add an advanced enchantment to your equipment.

  • Used to enhance Runestones and Armlets.

  • Used to upgrade Transc. Runestones.

  • Used to unlock Purple Skill Attributes in the Collection Book.

  • It is an useful ring in PvE early on.

  • Used to choose an Artifact.

  • Used in the Ruby Shop.

This content does not reset on the Weekly Reset (Thrusday 01:00 CET), it gets manually reset during the weekly maintenance that happens a few hours later.

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