Luminous Breakthrough

Luminous breakthrough is the true endgame when it comes the luminous system. It allows for further upgrading of your Grade 5 Luminous.

Press the key <L> to open your Luminous menu, then select the luminous you wish to enhance and click on Breakthrough. The following menu will be displayed:

While every Grade 5 can be upgraded this way, it is advised to get a Blessed Luminous first.

How does it work:

  • You will need 1 Roaming Meteor Fragment to attempt an upgrade.

Roaming Meteor Fragments can be obtained exchanging Brilliant Luminous Fragments.

  • A luminous can be upgraded up to 25 times, the higher the level the lower the chance will be.

After level 15, you will have to unlock additional levels using a Luminous Breathtrough Expander.

They can be purchased in the Gear Shop for 18.000 Gears.

  • There are 2 milestones: lvl 15 and lvl 25. These will unlock additional stats.

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