Chaos Fortress

Items Obtained

  • Used to reroll Random Effects of Epic Gear.

  • Used to reroll Random Effects of Legendar Gear.

  • Used in the Ruby Shop. (Boss Reward)

Chaos Fortress is the best free to play way of obtaining Random Effect-Changers.

Boss Mechanic:

In order to summon the Master of Chaos, you will have to kill monsters inside the Castle.

Usually it could take a single player 30 minutes to trigger the boss event, so having a group is advised.

Once enough monsters have been killed, the following message will be displayed.

From that point, a 5 minute countdown will start and then the gates will raise.

Boss Rewards:

  • 1000 rubies for everyone.

  • 1000 rubies (X5) splitted randomly among everyone who participated.

  • Random Effect-Changers

  • Random Effect-Locks

  • 300 Honor Points

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