Elyon has many different stats that result in a lot of builds based on your preference.

You can check your character stats pressing the key <P>

Offensive Stats:

  • Weapon Attack: - It is the range within you roll a number every time you hit an enemy. - It gets affected by 2 different stats: Max Attack and Min Attack. - You can get Max Attack from your Weapons and Gloves. - Getting Min Attack does not give as much value and is not recommended.

  • Strength / Agility / Intelligence: - Every time you attack, you roll a random number among your min and max attack values. - These stats increase the number you roll by a flat amount. - Strength is used by Warlords, Slayers and Paladins. - Agility is used by Assassins, Gunners and Archers. - Intelligence is used by Elementalist, Mystics and Soulbringers.

  • Accuracy: - It is one of the most important stats in the game. - In PvE, as your progress through the game you will require more accuracy to land your hits. - If you lack accuracy, you will see a "miss" text instead of a damage number. - The main source to obtain accuracy are your runestones. - Some bosses require around 400 accuracy in order not to miss hits on them. - In PvP, you should aim to get at least 500 accuracy. - In conclusion, accuracy counters dodge. The amount needed will depend of your opponent. - There are specific kinds of accuracy bonus (PVE) or (PVP) which will stack with your base accuracy.

  • Attack Speed: - It determines how fast are your animations. - You can stack up to 250% attack speed. - It gets affected by flat attack speed bonus and by Acceleration. - You receive 1% attack speed for every 10 acceleration points. - There are diminishing returns if you bypass 300 acceleration.

  • Critical Hit Rate: - It can be obtained from % critical hit rate bonus as well as from the stat Critical Hit Accuracy. - Your critical hit rate can reach over 100%. - While in PvE having a 100% or even lower is enough, for pvp some players decide to stack more. - In PvP, Critical hit Rate gets countered by Critical Hit Resistance. - You will obtain critical hit rate bonus for specific kinds of skills (ground targetted, swing, projectiles..) That critical hit rate bonus will not be displayed in the menu, but it adds up.

  • Critical Hit Damage: - It increases the damage dealt by your critical hits. - It gets countered by Critical Hit Damage Reduction in PvP. - Its a really important stat for PvE but loses value in PvP. - It gets affected by Critical Hit Damage Bonus for specific skill types (ground targetted, swing, projectiles...) even if it is not displayed in the menu.

  • Magic / Physical Pierce: - It reduces the Magical or Physical defense of your enemy by a % or a flat amount. - % Pierce is superior to flat pierce. - The main source of % pierce are Artifacts. - The main source of flat pierce are Armlets.

Defensive stats:

  • Physical Defense: - Reduces incoming Physical damage.

  • Magical Defense: - Reduces incoming Magic damage. - There are subtypes of magic damage (fire, ice, light, lightning, nature, dark) and specific magic defenses will stack with your base magical defense.

  • Vitality: Increases your Health by a flat amount.

  • Healing Given: Increases your healing on allies, in general lines not an important stat.

  • Critical Hit Resistance: - Its probably the most important stat in PvP, while it has no use in PvE. - It counters the Critical Hit Rate of your opponent in a ratio of 1:1. - It can be stacked over 100%. - The main source to get this stat are Constellations and Chest / Pants effects.

  • Critical Hit Damage Reduction: - It reduces the Critical Hit Damage that you receive. - Its not as important as Critical Hit Resistance but still helpful in PvP. - It offers no benefits in PvE content

  • Dodge: - It increases the chance to evade enemy attacks. - This stat gets countered by accuracy in a 1:1 ratio. - Having 1 dodge over your opponent accuracy will give you 0.25% chance of evading the attack.

Other stats:

  • Max Stamina: - Increases the amount of stamina of your character. - Keep in mind stamina regens by a flat amount and not by a % amount.

  • Stamina Regen: - It increases the amount of stamina that you regenerate every second. - It is a really useful stat for pvp and for classes that rely on stamina to move, like archers.

  • Movement Speed: - Increases your speed while walking / running. - It might be useful for classes that move walking instead of using skills, like warlord / mystic.

  • Energy Recovery: - Increases the amount of energy that you regenerate every second. - Overall a really important stat to focus early on. - Getting a Purple Transcendant Rune is advised.

  • Barrier Enhancement: - It increases the strength of your shields. - Can be useful for certain classes like mystic, paladin, gunner, soulbringer or elementalist.

  • Combat Technique: - It converts into 2 different stats: Attack Combat Technique and Defense Combat Technique - Attack combat increases the chance to roll the maximum value of attack power when you attack. - Defense combat increases the chance to make you enemy roll the minimium attack value when he attacks you.

  • HP Absortion: - Increases the amount of HP recovered by skills that drain health from your enemies. - Overall not an important stat and most classes cannot take advantage of it.

  • DMG Reflection: - Increases the amount of damage dealt by skills that reflect damage to your enemies. - Overall not an important stats and most classes cannot take advantage of it.

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