๐Ÿช™Swift Fairwind Airship

The Swift Fariwind Airship is the most reliable way of obtaining raw gold in the game.

Items Obtained

  • Main currency in the game.

  • Level up!

The Airship is meant to be a high risk high reward grinding zone with pvp involved.

How to get there

In order to get there, take an elevator.

  • Vulpin: Crescent Molar Foothold, Steel Highland or Sea of Ruins Foothold.

  • Ontari: Sunmane Foothold, Colossus Plains or Red Carriage Foothold.

Here is a demostration of how you can get there. (Vulpin POV)

Interact with the Transport Device or wait for the elevator.

Use the Fairwind Expeditionary Ship Transport Device.

PvP Debuffs

Once you enter the Airship, this debuff will be applied.

If you stay long enough, you will receive the following debuff. It will get worse over time.

If someone leaves the ship or gets killed, the following debuff will be applied for 5 minutes.


  • Killing monsters in the airship might reward you with a Jewel-Studded Key.

To use it, interact with the Captainยดs Cabin Locking Mechanism.

Boss Rewards:

  • 1.000.000 Gold Money Pouch

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